5 Tips Before Buying Insurance in Texas

1) Quotes are not necessarily the real auto insurance prices you will pay in the end.
2) When seeking accurate auto insurance quotes – make sure you give information as accurate as possible. Many times, the auto insurance quotes will not be valid – depending on the accuracy of the information you’ve submitted.
3) Fine print is a fact of life – don’t miss out on any important details – Only to later discover the details after you’ve changed auto insurance companies.
4) Don’t let auto insurance quotes be the determining factor in choosing an auto insurance company.
5) Last, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

Do your homework – use the this auto insurance quotes Texas website as a tool in conjunction with your other research and be sure to ask the company a lot of questions about those lovely auto insurance quotes.

Statistics show that there is a much higher risk involved in providing the age group 16-25 with insurance coverage.

The law in Texas states that all drivers have to be covered by a certain amount of insurance.

Driving without insurance in Texas results in court fines of between $175 and $350 and second offenses may result in fines as high as $1,000, having the license suspended and the vehicle impounded.

This is a surcharge which remains in effect for 3 years and inevitably ends up costing the uninsured driver more than $1000 for a first offence only, it is really not worth taking the risk.

You have to give this proof to a law enforcement officer if they ask for it, if you are in an accident, if you register a new car or renew your registration, when you renew or obtain a new driver’s license and for annual safety inspections.

This will be reflected on your policy as 25/50 – 25, and it is much higher than many other states.

It is for this reason that many drivers increase this limit and increasing the limit, does not add that much more cost to a policy.

It will not cover you or your vehicle in the case that an uninsured person is the cause of damage to you or your vehicle.

Acquire auto insurance Coverage or Risk Getting into Trouble with the Law
This indicates right from the beginning that Texas is a “”no tolerance”” state when it comes down to drivers without the correct insurance.

So make sure that you are fully aware of the requirements of the law, because if you are pulled over and your insurance is not good enough, or has been expired, you are liable to land yourself with a nice big fat fine.

The USA does not consider driving to be one of the rights granted to people in the constitution, it is merely a privilege which is allowed if the diver acts responsibly.

As the driver becomes more used to using the road systems and driving a vehicle, their experience increases and if they are lucky enough to remain accident free and ticket free, their insurance may become cheaper.

I am here to provide you with a reasonable amount of price comparisons from different underwriters to help you reach a decision regarding auto insurance.

There Are New Texas Auto Insurance Minimums!

This will help you find the most affordable deal for your needs on the market.

The increase in the minimum amount of liability coverage per person is $5,000 or 20%. The minimum amount of property damage liability coverage has not been changed.

According to state regulations, you are not required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage and uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) bodily injury coverage.

This is not a large rise in prices, but it further increases the need for shopping around for affordable packages and comparing multiple quotes, 6% higher than the one before January 1st 2011.

This means that even with the new increase of up to 3% , It has been estimated that with the introduction of the new minimums, the lowest premium that a driver and a car owner in Austin, for instance, has to pay is now $450.

Even though the lowest premium price is affordable, most drivers and car owners in the state are expected to pay over three times more than the lowest possible amount. This will be slightly higher than the average for the country, which is $1,538.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of various available discounts.

It should be pointed out that even though the new premium prices are higher, it may not be wise to raise your deductible to lower the monthly insurance costs, unless you are able to cover for this higher financial risk.

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